PBT Pudding Keycaps Pink and White 80 Keys


Pudding PBT Doubleshots Keycaps(keycaps only)

Pudding PBT Keycap is a very magical doubleshot product which split pbt material with 2 different layers at sides.So it looks like pudding.
Through exquisite tech, it brings two significant advantages:
1\Even though without led light, it also looks very beautiful.
2\When Leds turns on,the font and 4 sides can let light through, so it can bring a more fascinating visual effect.

These PBT doubleshot keycaps are made in CHN. It covers all the standard layouts, Such as 104 ANSI,87 TKL, PokerII,ISO.

OEM profile
Doubleshot 1.1 mm PBT plastic
Supported layouts: 100%, TKL, 60%, US ANSI, ISO
Made in China
Tech: Doubleshot

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Black & White, Pink & White


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